Vision & Mission

Induk KUD with it’s network became the backbone of of the national economy which obey the principle to realize a just and prosperous society.



Being the backbone of the national economy: national development will be realized by strengthening the institutional, economic, social and political as the backbone of economic activity based on the potential for the establishment of the region. Cooperative is one of the backbone of the economy that need to be strengthened

Principle abiding: the point of all activities carried out by Induk KUD and it’s network must refer to the provisions of law, cooperatives identity, religion, and culture/local customs. Therefore Induk KUD has pioneered the development of activities of trusted and accepted by the local community.

Achieve equitable and prosperous society: Induk KUD activities aimed at building the rural economy fair, independent, creative and productive with the spirit of democratic economy to realize Indonesian society sovereign, just and prosperous.



Making Induk KUD and its network as a principle abiding performers, thus, have the ability of adaptation.

Develop acharacteristics based bussiness of the region.

Improve the welfare of members and the potential based of the region community.