Induk KUD is an association of workers in all primary industries, mainly agriculture, fishery, forestry and mining. Therefore, the number of members is 13.4 million households (about 65 million people including dependents), which is about a quarter of the total population of Indonesia.




Praise and thanksgiving we prayed to God tehe Almighty, for all the love and His health and success in carrying out our duties and responsibilities, especially in the development and economic empowerment of the people through National Federation of Rural Co-operative (Induk KUD) network.


Induk KUD is a national secondary cooperative, whose members are

28 Provincial Federation of KUD (Pusat KUD) throughout Indonesia, 1 Provincial Fedration of Koppas (Pusat Koppas) and 1 Provincial Federation of KSU ( Pusat KSU) DKI Jakarta. KUD was bron of the situation and awareness to work together. And precisely on 12 November 1979, pledged the establishment of eight Pusat KUD with the spirit of : “if we want to be strong, we must be united and together.”If we tried on our own, we are easily broken down and become weak, like the sticks which when combined become a broom stick, has a powerful synergy. Togetherness can make us strong.


Within 35 years, Induk KUD and its network have briefly existed in our beloved archipelago, many sweet and bitter experiences in carrying out its mission to accomplish its vision through a variety of strategic programs to achieve goals to improve the welfare of its members that are farmers and small fishermen that spread over throughout the country of Great Indonesia. The existence of Induk KUD and its network can be viewed from three dimensions,

the past present and future with the real conditions we face today, we look briefly back at the past, we keep the good, the bad we will improve, and we are determined and optimistic to create outstanding performance in the future.


The strategic programs mentioned consist of institutional and business fields that are like two sides of a coin that must be equally empowered. Institutional field activities in the sector include improving the image, improving the quality of human Resources (HR). while the business sector includes agriculture, including fertilizer distribution and procurement of food, fisheries and marine, as well as mining and plantations. In which all sectors of business excellence based on the local area.

We hope that through this company profile, all parties, whether members, adequate and business partners (within and outside the country), can obtain adequate information about the pace of Induk KUD and its network, thus, Induk KUD can work together, both in the institutional field or

in the field of business. Then, we build synergy for optimum results with the three main principles : honest, fair and open, with the motto: network – prime, members – principal, Induk KUD – victorious and Indonesia-prosperous.


Hopefully what we think, what we say, what we feel and whatever we do to realize the vision, mission, purpose, strategies, values, motto and Induk KUD and its networks, strategic programs, completely in line with plan it is the will of the God almighty.


Herman YL Wutun, President of Induk KUD